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Dealing With Illness When You’re A Mom With A Crazy Life

When you’re a mom with a hectic life, the last thing that you want is to get sick. Whether you catch a stomach bug, get the flu or end up with a kidney infection, the last thing you want is to be feeling under the weather when you have a household to run and little ones to look after. But unfortunately, the chances are that at one point or another that will happen, and you will fall foul to some illness or other, especially when you spend a lot of your time surrounded by little ones who are germ magnets. (Kids spread germs like no tomorrow - it’s all that touching everything and anything that does it.)

Although getting sick when you’ve got kids to look after is never nice, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. The important thing is to know how to look after yourself while you recover as well as ensuring that your little ones and home are taken care of.
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See your doctor 

When you’re feeling unwell, the first step that you take should always be to see your doctor. The fact is that with many illnesses, from stomach bugs to infections, the sooner you see your doctor, the better as this means that you are able to treat the condition more quickly and get well sooner. Even if there’s not a medicine that can treat what you’re suffering from or cure it completely, your doctor can still advise you on what to do. For instance, coughs and colds don’t tend to be treated with antibiotics, but your doctor may be able to recommend some natural or over-the-counter treatments to try. Or, say you’re suffering from a kidney infection, as well as prescribing your antibiotics, your doctor may also give you a website link and tell you to read these kidney treatment tips to help speed up your recovery. It’s tempting to put off a trip to the doctor’s office, but if you want to speed up your recovery time, it’s best to make an appointment as soon as possible. 

Rest and recuperate 

If you’re going to get well again quickly, you need to get plenty of rest. When it comes to recovering from being unwell, sleep is the best healer, so aim to get plenty of sleep. Obviously, when you’re a mom this is easier said than done, but it is still possible. Perhaps you could see if your little ones could spend some time at their grandparent's house while you get better? Or maybe you could see if your partner could take some time off of work to look after the kids while you recover? Or, as a last resort what about hiring a babysitter to take care of the kids for a couple of hours while you get some much-needed rest. 

Look after yourself

When you’re unwell, you need to put yourself first for once. This means ensuring that you’re eating plenty of fresh, nutritious foods, such as lots of nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables. It’s also important to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated - aim to drink at least two liters of water a day, and you will feel much better for it and beat whatever you’re suffering from more quickly. 

There’s nothing worse than being unwell when you have little ones to take care of, but hopefully, the above advice will help to make your next bout of illness much easier to deal with. 

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