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Bring Out Your Inner Foodie With Home Chef

Have you noticed that meal subscriptions are on the rise? With back-to-school season in full swing, many parents are feeling the sting of being time-crunched. There are school functions, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Factor those things in with the commute to and from work/school, homework, and household duties and you have families who are beyond busy. Shopping for food can be a big chore for many. This is where Home Chef meal delivery service comes in to save the day.

Home Chef offers meals to suit everyone whether you are a big family, college student, or empty-nesters. You can tailor your tastes and family size which helps to have the correct portions and avoids food waste. When you go to the Home Chef site you will be directed to put in your email address and zip code. You are then able to put in payment information and set up your Taste Profile. You can specify which foods you want to avoid (great if you are vegetarian or have food allergies) and if you have special dietary needs like low-carb or low-calorie. Once you have your order in place, you will receive an email with a delivery confirmation date.

Your meal kits will come packed very well in ice packs and sealed properly to avoid any leakage or possible cross-contamination. You can tell a lot of care goes into packing orders.

Each meal comes complete with recipe and instruction card along with all of the ingredients that are pre-measured and portioned. The card lets you know what additional items you will need that you have on hand like salt, pepper, olive oil, pan, etc... 

The meal kits I received were the Thai Red Curry Shrimp with jasmine rice and snow peas and Parisian Bistro Steak with dauphinoise potatoes and green beans. Fancy, huh?

In your first order, you will receive a binder to keep your recipe cards organized. The cards come already hole-punched to make things easier. 

I am an avid cook and for those who know me, you know that I can do some magical things in the kitchen. It took a lot out of me to feel comfortable cooking something I thought might lack flavor. I decided to be open-minded and give Home Chef a chance. I am SO glad that I did! Both meals exceeded my expectations and tasted like they were from a high-end restaurant. Each dish runs around $9.95 per serving which is less than dining out at a fine establishment. 

The Parisian Bistro Steak with dauphinoise potatoes and green beans was amazing! The steaks were about 1 1/2 inch thick. I had to finish the cooking in the oven because they were too rare. I seasoned them with sea salt and cracked pepper according to the instructions and I'm glad I did. The sauce was full of flavor and any more seasoning would have ruined the dish. Those potatoes were everything! The Parmesan shavings added such good flavor along with the shallots, chives, and heavy cream. My advice is to follow the instructions and you will not go wrong at all. 

The Thai Red Curry Shrimp with jasmine rice and snow peas was so delicious and full of flavor as well. It tasted just like what I order at my favorite Asian Bistro without the hefty price tag. The shrimp were very fresh as well as the vegetables. I could eat this meal a few times a month and never get sick of it.

My overall opinion about Home Chef is very positive. The ingredients are super fresh and high quality. They even indicate on the recipe card a timeframe to cook your meals in the event you order multiple meals at once. This allows you to know what needs to be cooked first. Seriously, this makes meal planning a breeze. You are able to try different things to make meal time more interesting. I plan to order more meals in the near future since it saves so much time and money when you factor food delivery costs. I always thought these types of meal delivery services would break the bank and it really doesn't. Some exotic ingredients can cost an arm and a leg, but with Home Chef, they send you just what you need for your meal. This beats being stuck with an ingredient you may only use once or twice a year and end up throwing it away. 

What I really love is that you can send a gift card so you are able to share the gift of food with the people you love from far away. This is excellent if you have a college student living on campus and you want them to have healthy options. If you've been on the fence about trying this type of service, don't wait any longer. Give Home Chef a try and I feel like you won't be disappointed. This would be a great gift idea for the person who has everything. 

For more information about Home Chef, visit them at their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates and promotions. 

I received a promotional code to redeem towards meals from Home Chef. All opinions are 100% my own as always. 

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