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Double Dipped French Toast at IHOP Is Back!

For a limited time, Double Dipped French Toast at IHOP is back. I was able to stop by to try it out for myself. I went with the Blackberry & Vanilla variety. 
Let me tell you, that vanilla sauce was divine. It went beautifully together with the blackberry sauce and perfectly cooked broiche French toast. This French toast is dipped in a vanilla batter and then in a corn flakes and oatmeal mixture. The crunch was just right and all of the flavors and textures all together were excellent. I had the bacon combo and of course, it was delicious and exactly what I expect from IHOP.
To find out all of the details on this limited time menu offering, see this post. If you're craving a good breakfast, I highly recommend you run out and treat your family or yourself to this delicious meal. Hurry before it's gone!

I received a gift card to try out the latest menu offering from IHOP in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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