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Jan 25, 2016

Simple Ways to Let a Friend Know You Care

Whether your loved one is going through a hard time or you’ve just been feeling a rush of gratitude for their presence in your life, letting them know you care takes just a pinch of thoughtfulness and a moment of effort. You never know the difference it might make, so peruse these options and let your friend know how much they are appreciated.

A Surprise Delivery
Order a bouquet of flowers for delivery to their home or office and write a sweet note to accompany it. You can make it as general as “Hope this brightens your day” or personalize it for a particular situation. A vibrant surprise such as this is sure to bring a smile to their face and remind them of your love every time they see it.

A Kind Letter
With social media saturating our daily lives, it’s easy to “like” our friends’ photos and status updates and call it a day. But if you’re truly feeling like reaching out to a friend and making sure they know you care, consider putting your feelings into writing. That’s right, writing a good old-fashion, pen to paper letter. Just a few paragraphs outlining how grateful you are for their friendship might be the pick me up they need if they’re having a rough go of things.

Take Them Out for Lunch
The work week can drag for all of us, so if you want to let your friend know you care, stop by in the middle of the week at their office and take them out to lunch at a local place. Breaking up the monotony of a long day and the added bonus of surprise will make your friend feel appreciated and give you two a chance to hang out even in the midst of a hectic week.

Actively Listen
If your friend needs to express something, make sure you do your due diligence and listen actively. Too often we hear, but we don’t really take in the message. Your friend might be hiding feelings between the lines and hoping that you’ll pick up on it, so do your best to repeat the words that are spoken to you and analyze the information given to better respond. It may sound like common sense, but many of us fall out of the habit of active listening. Being conscious of this will heighten your communication skills with everyone in your life.

Put the Phone Down
You might feel connected with the outside world while missing out on the person sitting right in front of you. Nothing beats in-person interaction, and constantly looking at the blue light of your iPhone screen just tells the person you’re with that they’re not interesting enough to capture your attention. Put your phone away and give them your full attention; you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much better your communication is.

Show Up With a Meal
If you notice a friend is struggling to get everything done and could really use a break, doing something as simple as bringing dinner over could change their entire outlook for the week. If you’re not a chef extraordinaire there’s no harm in picking up something from their favorite restaurant or having it delivered—it’s the thought that counts, not the food. This is an especially good idea for moms and dads who might be running themselves ragged with responsibility.

Send an Inspirational Book
We don’t always have the right words for someone going through a difficult time, so don’t be hesitant to reach out with the wise words of someone else. If you find an applicable book of inspiration that fits the situation, pass it along. You don’t have to let them know it was a gift specifically bought for them, and you can work under the pretense that it’s been in your library all along. Sometimes it’s hard for people to accept gifts, so if this fits your situation, definitely take it into consideration.

Wine and Chat
Another easy option? A wine night. Grab a personalized wine bottle from a company like Etching Expressions with a picture of the two of you or a cheery message guaranteed to make them smile. Even after you finish its contents, they’ll keep the bottle as a memento of your fun night together and it may bring light to their life on a rainy day in the future. Nothing sparks conversation like a little liquid courage, so give them the chance to express themselves without pressuring them. Simply letting them know you are willing to listen can speak volumes.


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