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The Tiny House Craze

I don't watch a lot of television, but when I do it is usually something news, food or home related. I flip through channels at night and have recently noticed a common thing; Tiny Houses. I assumed they meant lavish playhouses for kids. No, I was so wrong. Apparently there are many people downsizing their home for a version that is about 10% its size. The average American house size is 2,300 square feet and the tiny house size is roughly 230 square feet. I had to check out some different shows to see what it was all about.
Image credit: Tiny Home Builders
People are getting these homes either custom built or looking one in a specific location and they range from around 100 sq ft- 400 sq feet. You have people buying a house the size of a storage shed! I can't imagine it. Some of the homes are very luxurious on a teeny-tiny level and others very rustic.
Image credit: Tiny House Builders (interior view)
I personally could never do it. I saw one episode of Tiny House Hunters where a family of 6 went from a 3,000 sq ft home down to 400 sq ft. NO. No, no NO! I can't imagine that at all! I understand that people are trying to live mortgage or debt-free, but sheesh. I don't want to have people all in my personal space. It is certainly not something I would ever desire for myself. There's only so much family bonding one can take.

So what about you? Could you live the tiny house lifestyle?


  1. I do the same thing you I rarely watch much in tv with a few fave shows here and there like CSI. Most likely yo'll find me on the cooking channel or HGTV. I haven't seen anything about tiny houses, but it's interesting that people can go from a large house to teeny tiny, especially when you have kiddos. I wouldn't want to with kids, but maybe if it was just me and my guy, then yes as long as it was somewhere by the beach.

  2. A tiny house would be great for a weekend getaway, especially since they all tend to have a very rustic feel and I love that. However, I like having my space as well. My mom is totally hooked on the idea that she could live in a tiny house which is the funniest thing to me since she's a bit of a hoarder and loves to shop!

  3. Wow, I have not seen these. There is no way I could live in it by myself, let alone a whole family!


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