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Oct 29, 2014

7 Fun things you can do with your kids

Spending quality time with your kids is so important, it can’t be stressed enough. They grow like nobody’s business, so if you don’t spend quality time with them now, you’ll soon regret it. These 7 things are all lots of fun, and you’ll enjoy doing most of them with your kids. Take a look and see what you think:

Go Walking

Taking walks with the kids will not only make you a fit family, you’ll enjoy lots of beautiful scenery too. You have many opportunities when out walking. You could stop for a picnic, take some beautiful pictures, and even play treasure hunts where you need to tick certain items off a list once you’ve found them. Make sure the walks are suitable for their age before embarking on one that’s too long or hard. 

Collect Things

Whether you want to collect dolls, stamps, or fairground models, this is something that you can both enjoy. Building a collection is extremely satisfying, and it may just peak your child’s interest in something special. Perhaps a particular era in time, for example. 


Taking your kids swimming at least once a week is a fabulous way to keep them healthy and teach them a valuable life skill. Many kids do these in school, but having extra swimming lessons can only be beneficial to them. The younger you take them, the better! Most kids love the water too, and become very strong swimmers. Learning about water safety will be very helpful to them. 


Whenever you cook, consider letting your kids help you. This will teach them all about the best way to handle food, food safety, and how to use kitchen appliances safely. They love cooking cakes and cookies best, as they get to eat the sweet treats afterwards. To ensure they aren’t eating too many bad ingredients, look up healthier recipes online. They won’t know the difference! 

Make Things

Making things, such as dolls, furniture, or pretty pictures could be a great hobby for them. They could make absolutely anything that tickles their fancy, and it’ll be a lot of fun with you helping them. Maybe you could both make a pretty picture to display in the living room? You’ll need to be brave, but try not to control them too much. They might surprise you! 

Play Games

Playing games is a great way to laugh and have fun without exerting too much energy. By choosing a game they can understand, they’ll benefit a lot more than having their face glued to the television. 

Read Stories

Reading books with each other is so much fun, and will educate them in all kinds of ways. Not only will they improve their listening and speaking skills, they’ll develop more of an imagination too! You can be confident in your parenting skills if you take the time to read to your child. 

These 7 things will ensure you and your kids are having the most fun ever. Spend quality time with your little ones now, before you blink and miss your chance!


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  1. I try to do a few of these with my son and Gbaby. Especially walking, but I look forward to playing more games and cooking with the little one.


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