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BILINER Premium Water Review #ad

As we all should know, drinking water is imperative in maintaining proper health. I make it a point to consume more than 60 ounces daily and try to aim for 100 ounces if I can. I have often heard of water coming from pure and natural sources and have been curious to find out more. I received some bottles to test out from BILINER in both Premium Mineral Water and Royal Class Spring Water.
I couldn't help but admire the lovely bottles and names that seem to match. But what exactly makes this water different from others?

BILINER mineral waters comes from the heart of the old continent, the Czech Republic. From the North Bohemian region (Czech Republic), extremely rich in valuable minerals (which are found along the extensive geological break) comes this highly valued, naturally carbonated alkaline mineral water BILINER as well as the renowned and, for many centuries, a proven natural aid to digestion, SEDLITZ WATER. When me and my husband tried this mineral water for the first time, our eyes opened wide from the tingle on our tongue. We were really intrigued that the carbonation was natural and unlike the typical carbonated water we have tried in the past. The Spring Water was crystal clear, super smooth and clean tasting. It's refreshing to drink water that does not taste like a plastic bottle or even like tap water. I found out that these waters are so pure that even a newborn baby could drink it.

Interesting facts about BILINER Premium water: 

  • Really great, unique taste of mineral salts
  • Naturally carbonated directly from the source, with no artificial carbonation. Very rare water property.
  • High content of beneficial minerals
  • Bottled exactly as it flows from the mineral spring
  • The oldest mineral water in the world, which was the subject of trading more than 300 years ago
  • Popular throughout Europe under trade name BILINER SAUERBRUNN since early 18th century
  • Recommended by balneologists and loved by spa guests, it combines healing properties with the refreshing, restorative qualities of naturally carbonated water long before any other manufactured soda waters were available
  • The city of Bilina was called “Vichy of Germany” before the many political changes which took place in Europe
  • The temperature of this spring water ranges between 63° F and 68° F at its source.
  • Contemporary Czech name is BÍLINSKÁ KYSELKA

Major effects when used in the form of drink treatment include:

I – neutralizes excess gastric acids (Natural remedy for heartburn)
II – avoids mucoid effect (Ready for inhalation)
III – powerful anti inflammatory
IV – stimulates stomach secretions
V – aids pancreatic activity
VI – reduces creation of oxalates in urine, helpful in prevention of kidney stones
VII – reduces creation of uric acid, helpful in prevention of gout

Dosage and practical use of BILINER Premium:

Natural healing water Biliner is prescribed for use either as Spa drink treatment or for regular home use drink regimen. In order to boost its beneficial effect, the recommendation is to drink the water – in small gulps – out of a spa cup. The water is best at room temperature although refrigeration does not impair its value in any way.

This healthy functional mineral water is now available in the United States, distributed by the  BILINER USA to exclusive and discerning retail stores for sale to those customers who want the very best. My husband has already decided to start ordering cases of the mineral water and we hope to find it available in some local stores soon. You can check here to see if you can find it locally or you can also order BILINER online.

Be sure to connect with BILINER on Facebook and Twitter for product updates and promotions.

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