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Introducing Waffullicious Waffles from IHOP

IHOP restaurants have actually taken a giant step in waffle development with “Waffullicious Waffles”: for the first time, those same great ingredients guests love on top of their waffle are now baked right in, so each bite of a Waffullicious Waffle is filled with the same terrific flavor inside every bite as well as on top.

Waffullicious Waffles come in two distinctive, delicious varieties—one savory and one sweet:
Bac’ n’ Cheddar:  A traditional thick, crispy Belgian waffle with savory chopped hickory bacon and cheddar cheese baked-in, then topped with bacon pieces. This one totally has my name all over it! 

Very Blueberry Cheesecake:  A traditional thick, crispy Belgian waffle with plump blueberries and NY cheesecake pieces baked-in, then topped with cheesecake pieces & blueberries in lightly sweetened syrup. Hmm, maybe a half order of the first variety and a half of this one might be a good savory and sweet combo! 

Waffullicious Waffles will be available in restaurants for a limited time beginning September 8 through November 2, 2014. They can be ordered as a separate menu item, or as a half waffle served with one of IHOP’s famous 2 egg any style made to order combo breakfasts, all served with hash browns:

  • Ultimate Bacon & Sausage Combo
  • Ham & Eggs Combo
  • Bacon & Eggs Combo
  • Sausage & Eggs Combo.
  • Regular Combo
  • Egg Combo

For more information or to find an IHOP restaurant near you, please visit  Follow IHOP on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I've been seeing a lot of savory waffles lately. It sounds good, but I think that Blueberry Cheesecake one would be delicious.


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