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No Fireplace for Santa to get in on Christmas? No Problem!

I received a fabulous book and key set entitled, "The Magic Christmas Key". The concept behind the Magic Key is a way for Santa to get into your home in the event there is no fireplace. It is great for kids with a fireplace who question how hard it might be for Santa to squeeze through such a small space (like my son). Keep reading for more details...

Wendell August, maker of heirloom-quality personalized metal gifts to commemorate life’s special moments, is proud to bring the tradition of Santa’s Magic Key to children across the globe.

For centuries, Santa Claus has used fireplaces as the main point of entry in homes across the world. Using rooftops to land, chimneys have been crucial in getting gifts to millions of good boys and girls. However, recent years have brought problems, leaving Mr. Claus to seek alternatives. “With time comes change. Fewer families have fireplaces these days,” said Mr. Claus, “so my elves and I had to react.” New homes built without a fireplace have risen from 34% in 1990, to 49% in 2009; the number is believed to be even higher today. Kept secret for decades, Santa and his elves have developed a little magic to solve this modern day problem…Santa’s Magic Key.

Instructions: Hang Santa’s Magic Key on your front doorknob on Christmas Eve, enabling Santa to get inside your house when you don’t have a fireplace…the coals in the fire are too hot…or Santa has had a few too many Christmas cookies to fit down the chimney! When Santa has finished his Christmas Eve visit, he will place the key on your Christmas tree to be ready for next year.

To take the tradition even further, read the book about the Magic Key, entitled “The Magic Christmas Key.” It’s a story about a young boy named Andy, his trusty dog Rufus and his loveable family. He goes on a marvelous adventure that starts with the gift of Santa’s Magic Key and ends with some sound advice from Santa himself.

The Magic Key is so pretty and very good quality. I can see this being in my family for many years to come and will be passed down to my kids for their future children.  
“Santa’s Magic Key is a special gift that can be passed down from generation to generation,” says Will Knecht, President of Wendell August. “It’s a heartwarming family tradition that reminds us that ‘All things are possible when you believe.’”

Where to get it:
The Magic Key and book are sold separately or together. Santa’s Magic Key is 5 ½” long, is hand cast and made of pewter and retails for $25. “The Magic Christmas Key,” written by Leann Smith and illustrated by Kip Richmond, is a 10 x 10” hardcover book and is available with the Magic Key in a keepsake box. The book and Magic Key sold together retail for $39.

To start your own family tradition of the Magic Key and “The Magic Christmas Key” book, you can click here, or find it in Wendell August stores, select specialty shops, or select Bed Bath and Beyond locations nationwide. *Graph data from Census Bureau

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  1. We have a fireplace and the magic key. I love the magic key. My son puts it on the outside of the front door every Christmas Eve. :-)


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