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A must-have for any parent | How I stay organized

I have been a stay-at-home mom/homemaker for over 18 years. One of the most important parts of my job is organization. I have to keep up with all appointments, school events, activities, sports, bills and everything else in between. I have found the best way to keep it all together is with an organizer. I specifically use one that is made for students. The reason why is the layout goes according to the school week. My life revolves around the kids so my calendar needs to do the same. Student organizers are also a lot cheaper compared to the traditional ones you find in the office supply stores. Those can run you $20 or more!
I bought mine at Target last year right at the start of the school year for about $8. I found out that if you wait until about the second or third week after school starts, they go on clearance for 50% off and eventually 75% off. I love the size of this one because it is big enough to write everything in, but small enough to throw in my bag if I need to. My husband has one and so do the girls. We all can't live without it! Since the last month of the organizer is July, I have to make sure to get a new one soon. I have tried putting appointments and events in my iPhone but I more prefer the old-fashioned method of writing it down.

How do you stay organized?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I'm still working on this. I have a planner and use my google calendar. I've also become a huge fan of notebooks. I grab them from the dollar store and keep them to write to do list or random things I need to get down on paper.

  2. I use Rainlendar desktop calendar which syncs with Google Calendar, but I write things down in notebooks because digital is not enough. I get pissed when I can't find my notebooks!

  3. Not sure if my last comment published, i might have mistakenly pressed "send" while typing. I was saying that I too keep lists of things in order to remain organized. I have notebooks at home, while usually ising a "notepad" app on my phone.


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