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One of my favorite beauty products

I think over the years, I have tried virtually every beauty product you could get from a drugstore. One thing I use every night is a makeup removing wipe. I have tried so many brands but I go back to the same one every time. Oddly enough, the Walmart brand called Equate beauty has been the best one by far.
I love how soft and gentle the towelettes feel and they are generously sized. They have just the right amount of cleanser in them that really do the trick of getting my eye makeup off with ease. Since I use them primarily for eye makeup removal, I don't have to use a whole wipe. I tear a wipe in two or three and maximize my uses from one pack. My daughters do the same thing and they last a long time. We purchase it in a 2-pack for around $6. Not bad at all! I don't buy them because they are inexpensive. I buy them because they actually work!

What do you use to remove makeup?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I like using them for my eye makeup too, but I have trouble getting my mascara off. I'll have to give these a try.

  2. Neutrogena Grapefruit Wipes. The scent is delicious :-)

  3. For makeup removal I sometimes use soap and water and other times one of a few different "makeup removal" products. It's nice that these wipes are wide enough. Some wipes are so narrow I need to use two. Extra work

  4. I had no clue Walmart had their own brand. Good to know because I refuse to spend like $7 or more on some makeup wipes. I normally use baby wipes since they are good on sensitive skin and you can get alot for cheap.


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