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Most husbands have a beer fridge. Look what mine has...

Our family took a trip to Charlotte a couple weekends ago to celebrate William's 5th birthday. Our first stop was the Bass Pro Shop. Actually, we went there 3 times that day! It is Dwayne and William's favorite store. I think they could spend hours in there if you let them. They both enjoy father and son fishing time so me and the girls went our way and the boys stayed at Bass Pro Shop.
When we met back up, I see a styrofoam cooler in Dwayne's arms. I just gave him "the look" and he goes straight into "the pitch". He tells me that the fishing season was getting ready to start and how it would be a good idea to grow his own worms. **Insert stinky face here** Well what is a wife to do... you have to let men do man things from time to time. I listened to his very convincing pitch along with dozens of reasons why his idea was so brilliant. I let him purchase his funky little worm growing foolishness. I won't say that there wasn't any eye rolling involved. 

He ended up not being able to use the styrofoam cooler kit because it was too big for our mini-fridge so he use some of my old food storage containers instead. He poked tiny holes in the tops of the containers.  He purchased some sort of packing material that you add distilled water to that has the food the worms need inside the mix. All that was left was to add your own worms.  
It is all very disgusting to me but I am still amazed at how quickly they have multiplied! I won't talk about Dwayne's debacles with some escapees.
I have told him that as long as I don't have to do anything with his worm growing experiment, he can have at it. Of course the business man in him wants to start selling them. I can't deal with this dude sometimes! I suppose there are worse hobbies he could be into.
And yeah, he is that serious that he has dedicated "worm water". I just can't....

SO, what crazy little hobby does your spouse have?
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  1. You are such a good wife. I'm not sharing my fridge with no other life forms. LOL. But yes men do need to have to have hobbies. I can't recall what my ex-hubby hobby was. I was a bad wife :)

  2. This is hilarious, gross and awesome all at the same time! It really is a good idea in theory, especially if he fishes a lot.

  3. Bwahahahahaha!!!! As long as they're not in the main fridge I guess I'll be cool.So, who cleans the fish?

  4. Ok. I am disgusted and intrigued at the same time, lol! I am all for frugality and science experiments. This one, I'd have to mentally prepare for. I don't wanna think about hooking them to the pole. I am weak. O_o

  5. Oh yuck! LOL I wouldn't be able to stand looking at those.


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