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I love to iron and that makes ME crazy?

I have been seeing a lot of talk lately on Facebook and Twitter about ironing your clothes. I find is astonishing that a great majority of people don't even own an iron. Some said that they have one, but would have no idea of where to find it. There were a few, very few that religiously iron. I enjoy ironing. Each and every morning, I iron my husband's work clothes (even on jeans day). I can't wrap my mind around the thought of my husband going into work in a wrinkled shirt or trousers. I feel like it is a reflection on the type of housewife that I am. It's my job. Call me old-fashioned, because I am... and rather proud of it too. It's funny that others think I am the crazy one because I do iron! I am thinking they are the crazy ones for walking around with wrinkled clothing on.

About a month ago, my beloved purple Shark professional iron died on me. I was devastated. I only had it for a little over a year and it quit on me. I really didn't want to get a new iron because the one I had was everything I wanted in an iron. I knew I had to get a new one right away because I could not find my back-up iron. Hey, doesn't everyone have a back-up iron? *winks*
I went to Walmart which is where I got the last one and they were completely sold out of the one I wanted. I had to get an iron right away because... because I just had to! I went with a Hamilton Beach which I grunted and groaned about. I did not want that brand but the alternative was going to several other stores and that was not what I felt like doing. It cost me about $30 and you know what? It actually works quite well. I loved my 1600 watt iron and this one is 1500 watt. I don't really see any major difference except the last iron had a larger soleplate.  It has a super long cord and great steam action. It also has the auto shutoff feature if the unit is left on for 15 minutes unattended. It was a great purchase. I really hope it will last me at least a year. I might consider purchasing a second one as a back-up since it was so inexpensive.

Another item I bought was the Faultless Maxx starch in the spray bottle. I usually get the one in the can and I am now trying to figure out why I have been doing that all these years. The Faultless Maxx is awesome and does not spray unevenly like the aerosol cans do. It also has a nice, light fragrance and leaves a crisp finish. I am so happy with my purchases and always looking for ways to make my homemaking more pleasurable. If you are looking to buy a good iron at a decent price, I recommend the Hamilton Beach Professional Iron with the stainless steel plate as well as the Faultless Maxx starch.

P.S.- YOU better not be laughing at me! :)

This is not a sponsored post and I purchased the above items myself. I just wanted to share my thoughts since I loved the items so much.
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Not laughing. As a matter of fact, happy to learn my man is not the only ironing addict! ;)

  2. I'm laughing at ya a little. But I'm also admiring your smooth, pressed clothes while I sit here in my wrinkled ones. You win. ;)

    And hey...we all have *something*!

  3. LOL. I iron almost everyday. Unless I am just chilling at home and don't care. Sometimes I iron my clothes knowing I am not going anywhere.

  4. Not laughing. You know I take laundry serious! As you know I recently had to replace my iron and I understand your distress! Glad you found a new one you like. :-)

  5. LOL I don't own an iron, that is what the drier is for! Just spray them with a little fabric spray throw it in the drier and run it for a bit. Toda! Okay so in my home we don't have no fancy jobs or no where special to go, would be silly ironing clothes just to sit around the house in!

  6. My son's uniform was wrinkled from hanging in the closet! How does that happen!? Anyway, we were 30 mins from the start of the game and needed to get out of the house. I put the uniform in the dryer on the dewrinkle cycle. It's as if I heard your voice screaming, nooooooooo all the way from your house to mine. LOL!!

  7. We have a steam cycle on our dryer so we never iron! I'm also thinking about getting a handheld steamer. Ironing is too much work, but I do admire your love for housewares ;).


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