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William's preschool updates

We are in the thick of things around here. Getting William prepared for school takes a great part of the day and sometimes I am ready to give up. He has become obsessed with the idea of going to kindergarten and asks me fifty million times a day if it is time to start yet. It gets tiring, but I guess it's good that he has such an interest in school, having a teacher and making friends. Speaking of friends, I remember about 2 years ago William was very anti-social when it came to being around other children. I was so afraid that he would never like kids his age!
Times have changed and he has become very social. Most people consider home schooled children to be less social but that is not the case here. William is very friendly and loves to be around other children. We went to Monkey Joe's the other day and there was a little boy around his age that was playing alone. William went up to him and introduced himself by saying "Hello, my name is William" and he gave the boy a handshake! The little boy was very shy but eventually warmed up and played with William. His mother was so grateful that William made her son feel comfortable in the environment. She was also very amazed when she found out that William was only four. She said that he was mature beyond his years. I do get that a lot from people. William is very mature and disciplined for his age (and gender). We are so proud of how well he is developing in all areas and can't wait for school to start next year. I think he will do just fine!
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  1. I think William will be absolutely ready for kindergarten with a great mother like you. It may be trying at times, but your patience is teaching him so much! He's already so smart. And I get the same thing from people -- they say Aiden will be antisocial because he's an only child, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

  2. Glad to hear William is excited about school. How sweet of him to make friends with that little boy. Your raising him well :)

  3. So happy to hear William is excited about school! OMG, he introduced himself. I'm melting. Him and Jay would be best buds with their little "isms" :-).


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