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My $2 Find!

I was doing my usual shopping in Walmart this weekend and stumbled upon this gadget. I have seen it a few times before but didn't bother with it. It is a sandwich sealer and decruster. It is a frugal way to make your own 'UnCrustables' at home. You just start off with your 2 slices of bread, add your filling in the center (I used peanut butter and apricot preserves) and then your press the sandwich cutter down over your sandwich. You end up with a crust-less and sealed sandwich. It worked great! Glad I finally broke down and bought one. You can find them hanging in random places. I found mine on the aisle with the coffee. My only recommendation is to not over-fill your bread.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. That's really kind of cool.

    PS... my new url is

  2. When your son goes to school you'll use this. A lot! I need one of those. Buy me one :)


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