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What do you do when you are allergic to everything?

For many years now, our daughter Briahnna has been going through treatment for a variety of allergies. Her first 2 series of allergy testing revealed that she was allergic to all the elements dealing with the outdoors as well as dust, mold, pet dander etc.... Today we took her to get tested since it has been about 3 years and this time was a big shock to us all. She had 30 different allergens injected into both forearms. The left arm was all  foods and the right was pollen, trees and other non-food things. She also had a series of individual outdoor allergens injected via needles into her upper arm. It turns out that she tested positive for everything! 

 You see how raised her skin is? She is allergic to just about everything it seems including all pollen, mold, grass, weeds, trees, dust, pets, and virtually anything that floats in the air.

She never had food allergies before and now she does. Although her food allergies are not all at dangerous levels, it still surprised us since they are the everyday type of things. Now she can only incorporate eggs, potatoes, chicken and several other foods into her diet every 4-5 days. Other things like tomatoes, pecans, peanuts and corn should be avoided all together. We were told that the symptoms of food allergies can vary from headaches, sneezing, itching, nausea or upset stomach. It was recommended for Brie to start a food diary to see what type of reaction she has to the foods she is more allergic to. If they are something she can live with, she can continue to eat them. She made the joke that she would not have been offended if she was allergic to carrots, cucumbers or other foods she does not care for to begin with. The good thing is she will continue on the allergy shots which have helped her immensely. She will have to go from one injection each week to three. Thankfully she is very laid back and does just fine with that sort of thing.

I do recommend that if your child shows symptoms of allergies, you should get them allergy tested. It is so important to know the triggers so you can do your best to avoid them. We were also told that allergy symptoms change every two years.

Do you or your child suffer from allergies that require regular treatment?
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  1. Oh poor thing! Getting those test look painful but at least it helps her know what to avoid and keep safe.

    My son is allergic to some type of fruits so we avoid those but I've been thinking of getting him tested to see what else he might be allergic to.

  2. Wow. That's a lot to be allergic to. :( My 15 yr old is allergic to mold, and as far we know, that's it. However, he doesn't require shots, just takes a simple allergy med for it once in a great while.

  3. She sounds like Moo. We have a list that seems to be a mile long with things she's allergic too. She doesn't have to get weekly shots but we do have a steroid cream and epipen.

  4. Poor baby! I know my son used to break out in hives when he was smaller and they was never able to find out why. He just outgrew it! Now my oldest daughter is showing signs of food allergies. I am thinking red dye cause if she eats certain things she gets very red under her eyes at first i didn't think anything about it but now its getting worse so we have a dr Appt. next month for her to be tested.


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