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I have lemons! (okay just a lemon)

I am so thrilled that my dwarf Meyer lemon tree has a lemon on it! I was really sad that after all the blooms that it started with, all of them fell off except one. Thankfully there are some new blooms that started growing this week so I will keep my fingers crossed that we will get a couple more lemons before it's all said and done.
With all the rain we have been getting in the past few weeks, our flower garden has been doing very well. Just about everything has bloomed! The fuchsia lily (calla lily?) took 3 years to finally bloom. The orange lilies really did well this year for the first time since we planted them a couple years ago. We also have some Zinnias that are steady blooming bright pink and orange flowers. Our Lantanas always do well and if I can get my hands on the "fruit cocktail" colored one on clearance, I will buy one. 

We got some more flowers from my hubby's uncle that we need to get into the ground for next year. Almost all of our flowers in the garden came from second hand plants. You can't beat that! Maybe we should call it our bootleg garden :) At least we are helping out the honeybee population, right?

What is growing in your garden?


  1. Good and yay for you ;-)

    I was so excited that I had enough yard at our new home to plant a decent sized garden but it stayed cold too late and I just sort of lost interest. Everyone was telling us it's hard to grow stuff in the ground because the soil is bad and tough from winters. Lots of people have small green houses on their property. I am so bummed. I really wanted to try to do some lettuce and carrots, maybe even peppers. Oh well, there is always next year.

  2. Shelly! That is so exciting! I remember when you planted it!

  3. Shelly, there's nothing growing in our garden yet. We haven't planted a single plant. I'm still working on getting the container vegetable garden going. Hopefully this weekend!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  4. congrats on the lemon!!! I planted the orange lilies as well, but mine are not doing so well. :(

  5. My garden is so sad this year. I have added a dogwood tree to my yard this year.

  6. Oh wow, I've always wanted to buy one of those trees but I was afraid I'd just kill it. Enjoy that lemon!

  7. Omg, look how far your plant has come! I remember when it was first begun!!! It's so purty now!

  8. LOL bootleg gardens are the best! Next time I visit my mom, I'm going to pinch from her houseplants. She has a jungle.

    I'm so excited that you have a lemon! I'm going to eventually plant a few fruit bushes to surround our patio area to enjoy and for privacy. Oh, I bought dwarf pomegranate seeds that I need to start. They thrive in and outdoors so I can't kill them, lol.


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