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New fish, Happy kid and the Pet Store Mafia

For William's 4th birthday we purchased him an aquarium. He has a slight obsession with fish so we figured it would be a great thing for him to have. We kept it simple and went with a 10 gallon tank but opted to get the better filtration and lighting system. When we purchased everything to set the tank up, the customer service people at the pet store were very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions and give advice. We always had an aquarium for the girls when they were younger and had great success with it. As a matter of fact, the fish would sometimes get so big that we would have to donate them to the classrooms at the school. We went ahead and started off with all of what we needed to set the tank up and get the water ready to add fish. Back in the day we added fish within 24 hours. Nowadays they recommend 3 weeks! 3 weeks?? Try telling that to a 4 year old!
How happy does he look? 
We went yesterday to purchase some fish and boy was William excited. He made up his own song about going to the pet store to buy some fish. Too funny! We decided on a few glofish in cool, neon colors, a couple "Mickey Mouse"platys and a couple fancy tetras. When I asked the person in that area for help in purchasing the fish he immediately had that "look" on his face. This is how the interrogation... um conversation went...

Fish guy: Do you have your tank set up?
Me: Yes.
FG: Are you sure it is done properly?
Me: Yes
FG: How many fish do you want?
Me: 6
FG: What size is your tank? (At this point he is in my face looking at me like he is a prosecutor or something)
Me: 10 gallons
FG: Hmm, okay. But remember the rules... 1 inch of fish per gallon. Then he stares at me all scary.
Me: Uh, okay

If you could have seen his body language and heard his tone you would have been afraid of even breathing the wrong way. Like the husband says, they are like undercover PETA representatives or something! DANG! I mean come on, they are just fish. If I choose to buy 50 of them then I should be allowed to do so.

In the end, our boy is completely happy and enjoying his new pets. He is so curious and asks a lot questions about his fish. We look forward to adding some more fun friends as time goes on. We might have to rethink where to buy them from so we don't feel like we might catch a beat-down from the pet store mafia! :)
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  1. Glad that William is enjoying his fish! And I would have so told ol' boy from the pet store to chill out. Fish are pretty simple to take care of. Just keep them fed and keep their tank clean. I wonder how many other customers he's run off?

  2. William looks thrilled and I was just giggling about the pet store mafia.

  3. A Fish thank. How cool. I bet he's so excited. It's crazy funny what you have to go through to buy pets these days. Next time grab some fish from your back yard pond. LOL

  4. Geez... can a mama buy some fish for her son without getting the third degree?! But.... look how happy William looks?! So so cute!

  5. LOL @ the undercover PETA dude! Hilarious. My little guy loves fish also, so hubby and I have been discussing getting a small tank. He says "tank", I say "bowl"! We'll see what happens.

  6. That is the neatest gift ever!!! I love that - and he is staring in that tank so intently! What a great pet for a little boy!

  7. Look at William enjoying his fish! Love it. I can't believe you have to wait three weeks before putting fish in the tanks now.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  8. Just saw this post and had to comment. First, how awesome for him to have a fish tank. That was one of my very favorite things to have as a child. The one thing that I felt was all my own and I could take care of.

    As for the Pet Store, UG! Those people mean well, but the attitude that only certain people know how to take care of pets and the rest are idiots. Is getting old. The people at the bird rescue I help with are sometimes like that and it's a huge turn off. But don't mind them. The main thing is William has his tank now!

    P.S. Three weeks. Really?!!!


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