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Dec 8, 2011

Valuable tips from Michelle Madhok

With tight budgets and seemingly never enough time in the day, we often find ourselves trying to squeeze more out of the things we have and what we have to do. Especially as we head into the holiday season, this seems to be top of mind for many of us. But who says we shouldn’t get the most out of what we love, from the perfect holiday outfit to refreshing the feel of our homes without having to spend a dime.

Michelle Madhok, a coveted online shopping expert and founder of and, is offering tips and tricks on how you can become a savvy shopper and find joy in the most unexpected of places, like your cleaning routine!

Michelle Tips:
1. Get double the wear out of a pair of chic rain boots by using them as winter boots and adding a simple fleece liner. You can dodge puddles and stay warm and dry all season long.
2. Tights make a world of difference when the seasons change. They can help you get more wear out of your favorite skirts and dresses by transitioning them from warm-weather looks to winter wear.
3. Spend less time shopping for an entire new wardrobe—find a great tailor and get more wear out of your existing clothes by having your ill-fitting pieces hemmed to fit you perfectly. The amount of time you wear them (and compliments you get) will be well worth it.
4. You don’t always need to go out and buy a whole new outfit. Add a skinny belt and wear it over cardigans, dresses, pencil can make an outfit look fresher instantly.
5. I love buying designer cosmetics because it makes an everyday necessity feel like I'm indulging in something luxurious – but it's actually something small, within my reach, that curbs the urge to blow a whole paycheck. I also find that the “splurge” pays off because quality makeup lasts longer during the day—I hardly have to reapply!
 6. Any great scented candle. It's amazing how lighting one can add a new vibe to a room or enhance your mood, without having to rearrange the furniture or purchase new accents.
7. If you love when your clothes have an amazing fresh scent, buy a detergent like Gain, which has a variety of scent choices. Instead of using two caps of the leading liquid value detergent, use only one cap of any Gain scent. This helps you use less detergent and get more of the scent you love!
8. Investing in organizational tools for the house lets you get more out of the space you have, making your place look bigger, cleaner and more 'together' without having to purge those “sometimes use” items.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I love the tip about pairing belts with shirts and stuff you already have in your closet. I to have been pairing belts with shirts and it adds a whole new flair.

    These are real good tips and yes I am following #6 I have my lavender candle lit now haaa!

  2. Shelly these are some great tips and a few of them I actually already practice. As you have have stated often times quality is much better than quantity because you get what you pay for.

    The one that particularly stood out to me that I actually already use is #2, transitioning my warm weather wardrobe into my summer wardrobe.

    Great tips and thanks for sharing :)

  3. Love the tip about wearing tights - they are a winter staple for me! I wear my summer/spring dresses & skirts all year with tights, boots, & a cardigan :)

  4. I live by my tights, they definitely help me transition between seasons. Same with adding a cardigan to my summery dresses.

    Great tips!


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