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Look! I have a chest!

Oh the things you hear coming out the mouth of little kids are very entertaining... William has been proving to us that he is full-fledged talker with a whole lot to say. He has been exhibiting curiosity and asks a lot of questions. One of the latest things  is he noticed that he has nipples. You will find him with his shirt hiked up and his finger over his teeny tiny nipple. His dad told him that boys have a chest. Of course Dwayne tries to keep things as manly as possible with his boy. This morning I was in my bedroom getting dressed after taking a shower. I always leave the door open a few inches just in case William needs me. He started yelling out to me "Bawbi, do you have your privacy?!" This is because I always tell him that girls need their privacy and he has to respect it. Well this time he stumbled over his feet and the door flies open. I am half naked and he looks at me in amazement with his bright eyes and says "Look Bawbi, you have TWO chests!" I quickly covered myself up and told him to get out...then I laughed myself silly! That little boy is too funny! At least I know he is listening SMH.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. That is hilarious!! I am forever saying I need my privacy!

  2. LOL! Jay is always saying "Look, I have bewbs!" He's being Spider Man for Halloween and the costume has built in muscles that he calls "bewbs". He also walks around saying he has a "Sessi booty", guess where he got that from? Ha!

  3. LOL!!!!! 2 chests!!!! That is too funny!!!
    Chase is obsessed with the word nipples - he wants to know if everyone has them, and will frequently ask me just to be sure. *smh*


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