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Oct 25, 2011


We have been working diligently with William to get him potty trained. It has been a trying task to say the least. I can't even begin to say how ashamed I have been that I have a 3 1/2 year old boy walking around in training pants. Every time I turn around I see one of my Facebook friends posting about their 2 year old being fully potty trained or even worse an 18 month old trying to get into it. I am wondering where I have gone wrong. I have every potty seat, underwear, disposable underwear, books, toys, bribery tools...all of it. What do I get? Nothing. Just a hard-headed boy pooping in his pants and me having to clean it all up. Fed up, irritated, powerless. That is how I felt. Well 2 days ago something changed. I saw William in a distance getting ready to hide so he can do his business in his trainers. I quickly snatched him up and asked him if he needed to go poopoo. He had "the look" that I know very well and he tells me "NO!" I calmly walked him into the bathroom and told him to try to go anyway. He sits on the potty and I close the door partially and told him I would let him have his privacy. I can hear him talking to himself. He then calls me in and tells me to look. Of course, as usual...nothing. I told him to try again. He then sits and says to me "and don't get up until you go poopoo". I smiled and agreed with him. About 45 seconds later he calls me back in and once again tells me to look. This time (for the first time) was different. There it was... He did it! He actually went poopoo in the potty!! I immediately high-fived him and praised him for doing a great thing. He didn't look all that happy but after he got cleaned up and washed his hands, he very proudly yelled through the house to the rest of the family that he poopooed in the potty like a big boy. Everyone was so happy and excited for him but we were still wondering if this was a one-time thing.

Well, the following day he voluntarily told me when he needed to go poopoo in the potty.  As a matter of fact, he went 3 times! I know TMI! We are so thrilled that he has met this milestone. I was beginning to think it would never happen! I guess all the rumors about boys being harder to potty train were very true. Patience and persistence were what was needed. I guess things happen when they are meant to happen. Go William! Another important step to becoming more independent. Now if only I would stop catering to him :)

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. It takes time. I am finally finishing up my 2 yr old I just wish she would not get up at night I feel that I have a brand new baby getting up 2 times a night. Congrats

  2. Aww man Shelly, that is awesome!!! Okay, why did I get choked up reading this?! I am so proud of William!! Its like, i know they are capable of it (our two boys) but yet they've got this mental block against doing it, for some reason. Im so glad William decided on his own that he was ready! I guess it really is true that when they're ready they'll do it. Now, if only Chase would come to his senses too. ;-)

  3. Yah William, I dont know why your mom can't understand you'll do thing when you feel like it :)

    Congrats but dont be hard on yourself Mommy, potty training really is about the child. There's nothing we as parents can do to speed them up. Trust me I tried with my son. LOL


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