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Keepsakes wrapped in 3D

Do you find that your little ones bring home all kinds of cute things that they made in school? It can range from clay artwork to jewelry and what do you do with it all? I know that we have quite a few items from when the girls were little and they are packed away in boxes. How cool would it be to display some of those creative works of art? Now you can do it with a Z-Access frame.

With a Z-Access 3D frame you can proudly display any of those prized possessions in a very unique way. These frames are 100% American made and come in a variety of colors. There are so many creative uses for these frames...everything from wedding, graduation, baby shower or any kinds of personal keepsakes. These frames would make a neat, one-of-a-kind gift for grandparents with a handmade item from the grand kids. You can learn how to load your frame here and order frames here.

I wish these frames were around years ago! I think we would need to have an entire room dedicated to our family memories.

I received a product sample for review and all opinions are 100% mine as always.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Omg, what a neat idea! Cuz the cardboard box shoved behind my bed where I keep all their special little school projects just *aint* getting it!

  2. That's pretty cool. It's a great way to showoff certain kid related items your proud of. Thanks for sharing


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