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Meet Puppy

Little William has a best friend named Puppy. Puppy is.... a puppy. He got Puppy when he was a newborn from our neighbor. Of course Will had no interest in toys or stuffed animals for quite some time. About 6 months ago he really started to to show an interest in wanting to play with Puppy. Now Puppy gets included with all of his day-to-day activities. He travels in the car, he goes to the playground, he goes to the store and even into the bathroom.
 Yep, Puppy had been EVERYWHERE! Puppy became so filthy it wasn't even right. Every time I asked Will if I could give Puppy a bath he would say "Um, no thanks". He does not like parting with Puppy for any reason. Of course I was getting tired of seeing a blue puppy turn gray.
I had to be sneaky and throw Puppy in the washing machine when Will was watching Caillou. Of course he noticed that Puppy was missing after about 5 minutes. He searched high and low and called for Puppy throughout the house. It was so cute and funny at the same time. After about an hour I was able to reunite the two of them. I told Will to smell Puppy and he was all smiles :)
Is your little one attached to a particular toy or item?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Right now Moo is going through a stage where she's attached to her purses or 'sacks' as she calls them. She has a fit if she has to leave the house without bringing one into the car.

  2. My BabyLove is attached too, dare I say it? Socks....yes SOCKS! But she puts them on her hands, well on one hand and she goes about her day. Please don't take the sock away from her, or there will be trouble. It came out of the blue and ....yeah, well...socks.

  3. He is soooooo cute with puppy.

  4. LOL too cute! Kids really do get so attached to their special objects. Chase is attached to his blanket - omg, if i let him, he'd take that ratty thing everywhere!

  5. Brooklyn is attached to her Wally blanket. She refuses to sleep without it. If it's in the wash she will stand near the laundry door until it's washed and dried.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  6. Hahahaha @ searched high and low. Definitely a love for Puppy.

    Hmm. Seems my 17 year old daughter only enjoys one toy, nowadays - car keys.

    Sigh. Lol.

  7. Ok your son and his puppy are to cute. Thankfully my son is attached to his little trains. Their easy to carry and clean. Major plus. He also has a stuffed animal but only uses that one for sleeping and not travel :)


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