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Sep 27, 2011

Being like dad

Every time Dwayne is around William tends to want to hang around him and in some cases imitate his daddy. This can be a great thing and other times... it can be a very bad thing! Thankfully the good outweighs the bad and Will gets to learn a lot of things from his dad. Dwayne has taught him how to cast a line out in the water, catch a fish, take out the trash, throw a football and so many other neat things. I love when he sees his dad reading and wants to do the same. When I see the two of them together I realize how important a father's role is most especially for boys. After all, a boy can only learn how to be a man from a man.
Now some days Will takes his manliness too far. Yesterday I caught him pulling the cushions off the couch and destroying the family room so I asked him why he was doing that. He responds with "Go back in the kitchen and wash the dishes!" I tell you what, he is lucky he is so adorable or else.... Now you know Dwayne was proud and pulled the old "That's my boy!" Men!!!

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. LOL!!!! That is too funny! Hahaha!

    I totally agree though - no one can teach a boy to be a man like a man. They really need their dads (or some special male/father figure) in their life.

  2. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!ROTFL!!!!!!!!!girl if it wasn't 6 something in the morning and my husband still sleep....I would have burst out a mad laugh!!!!!!I'm so glad I didn't miss this!!!!!too funny!!!!!!!

  3. Extremely funny post!!

    Agreed - men can only learn how to be men from men. And your son is blessed to have a true dad in his corner.

  4. LOL! It's super funny when little ones say something you totally don't expect. You can only help but laugh! The pic of him looking through the papers is hilarious too! What a cutie pie:)

    ***"Go back in the kitchen and wash the dishes!" ***


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