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Denim Done Right

 I wanted to pass along some great information:

Shopping for jeans that fit perfectly can be frustrating. Before you head to the dressing room yet again, follow these guidelines from Senior Designer for Jockey Person to Person, Sunil Ramchandani to help you find your perfect denim (without all the bells and whistles.)

1. Fabric: A poly cotton blend will help retain the shape and color much longer. Hand washing will allow the material to last much longer as well. A mid weight, 8 to 11 ounces per yard, will be perfect for year round wear.

2. Fit: The waist should have enough room to fit one finger in between the pants and yourself and the denim must be fitted through the thigh and knee. The rise should be 1” below your belly button but no more than 3”.

3. Length: If you are wearing flats, your jeans should touch the floor. With heels, the pant leg should be ¼” above the floor on your back heel. Make sure to have separate pairs to wear with heels and flats.

4. Leg Shapes and Body Types: Bootlegs work best on Pear and Hourglass body shapes. Straight legs work best on Apple and Pencil body shapes. Wide legs work best on Strawberry shapes.

5. Camouflage Your Flaws: If you have a slight belly, you should go for a stretch fit and wear it with longer length, un-tucked boots. If you have a large bottom, go for a slightly lower rise with simple back pockets. Big Hips, the boot cut is your friend as it will help rebalance your figure.

Be sure to check out the Jockey Person to Person denim collection and remember you have to feel good in your own skin in order to look great in a good pair of jeans! Jockey Person to Person® is one of North America’s premier direct sales companies offering extraordinary women’s apparel and accessories, created for today’s on-the-go woman. To find out more, visit 



  1. Okay, these are GREAT tips (esp. #4 that talks about the best jean for our body type). Sadly, I have yet to find THE perfect jeans. Still on a hunt day, hopefully! lol
    Thanks for this link!

  2. Thanks for the tips. Finding a good pair of fitting jeans is an art.


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