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Boys like fast cars!

We received this very cool Ferrari 458 Italia remote control car in red (Will's favorite color) from a great toy store called The minute I put the batteries in and handed it over to my husband and son they were completely sucked in. It was amazing how fast that tiny car (7 inches) could go! Although William is a bit young for a remote control car, it did not stop him from enjoying himself. Even our dog got in on the action!

I was happy that the car came with the batteries in the box. This makes it a great gift idea since it would be ready to go! I also discovered that this car is very durable to be so small. Let's just say that it can withstand a 3 year old and I will leave it at that!! It also comes in a bigger size.

The bad part? I get nagged all day by the kiddo to "play race car"! I know William will get many hours of fun from his new car. I won't even get started on how much fun the husband had ;-)

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. LOL. Husbands like fast cars too! My husband can't until JJ is hold to race remote control cars and stuff.


  2. Too funny @ car withstands a 3 year old. I feel you. They sure they don't make racing cars the same as they did when I was a toddler.

    I wish they had though.

  3. That is one cool looking car! I know your boys are loving it!

    Chase likes remote cars too, now that he is a little older. In the past, he would cry when he saw the car operating "on its own." I guess that was scary for him.


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