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Guess what? Bees STING!!

My family went away for the weekend to Atlanta, GA to join our family for the annual family reunion. The weather was picture perfect to be in the car for 3 hours. We were able to ride with the windows down~ we were loving it! The road trip was so much fun. We chatted, made fun of each other, laughed and lived frivolously with no cares or worries. We really enjoyed the time we spent together in the car....until.... a bee flew in! It ended up on my window (the passenger side) and I quickly put it down all the way but it seemed like the bee went down into the door and not out of the window. Oh well, we just kept right on along and stopped for a snack. We are all laughing and carrying on and suddenly the bee appears again! I quickly let the window down and it went out, but it looked like it came back in. I was not sure but the family seemed convinced that it was gone. Three minutes later I started screaming hysterically. The freakin' bee was on my upper back!! It stung me and I was freaking out like you would not believe. I am 37 years old and have never been stung by a bee before. Dwayne told me to calm down and he grabbed it with his fingers and killed it and threw it out of the window. He pulled the car off to a safe location and tried to see if the stinger was still intact. I don't even know what happened to it. I am however really glad that I am the mom who thinks of almost everything and packed Benedryl and Ibuprofen. I took both about 5 minutes after it happened. I think that saved me a lot of pain and swelling. I am SO thankful that I am not allergic in the deadly kind of way since I obviously survived. It is itchy and red but I am okay otherwise. Our trip was able to go on as planned and we had a blast. I would recommend that if you ever travel to be sure to take your Benedryl and Ibuprofen "just in case". I'm glad I did!!
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  1. lad you had the meds with you. Bee stings hurt.

  2. I'm glad you weren't allergic. I didn't get stung by a bee until about 5 yrs ago. Mamas come equipped.

  3. yikes! so glad you're OK!

  4. Aw man!!! That is so crazy! I've never been stung by a bee either. I've always been a little nervous about that though. Goodness, I hope it wasnt too painful!

    Sounds like a really fun family trip though!!!! Car rides with the whole fam can be so much fun!

  5. I keep Ibuprofen in my purse, but not Benedryl. Thanks for the reminder! Greg was stung on his ear as a teen. We were cutting grass for the elderly and this woman was complaining about some mess that she wanted him to do while he was howling in pain. She almost got cursed out, lol. I'm glad y'all had such a fabulous road trip!


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