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Only my husband would do this

Dwayne was drinking his cherry soda the other day aka his "brotha drink". I will never understand why he likes to put his glass in the freezer with soda and ice in it. It stayed in there for days. Brie got tired of looking at it and let it thaw out on the counter and then poured it out. Does anyone in your house do this sort of foolishness?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I bet as soon as she put it in the sink, he went looking for it. Yup, Yup, that happens to me all the time. I drive my family crazy! I am seriously thinking Dwayne and I were separated as siblings at birth. We are so much alike! LOL! CRAZY and DERANGED for sure!! Heyyyyy Shelly!!!!

  2. i've never heard of saving a drink in the freezer for later. sounds like a guy thing, though. :)

  3. My husbad does that & I dump it ever time! He also pull the same crap with his plate. Pisses me off because all he has to do is empty his plate. He know he's not coming back to it!

  4. lol, i do sometimes leave a cup with a little bit of juice in it in the fridge, but only because i sometimes dont want a whole glass, and just a sip. so that remaining swallow is perfect. but i think i'd be paranoid of the glass cracking if i left it in the freezer. Hehehe @ his brotha drink. Dwayne tickles me. ;-)

  5. Lawd, are our husbands related????? Mine does this ALL the time! I have a set of orange plastic cups that are his preferred freezer cups. 0_o

  6. Look at all these brands you are advertising for FREE! AGHHHHH!


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