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Your children are really watching you

This morning I took the kids out to a few stores so that they could buy some health and beauty products. They both had their own money and the oldest one has a job so she had her fresh, new debit card. Chardie was so proud to feel like a grown-up using her own debit card and ever more so that it was her own money that she earned. Before we left for the stores Chardie asked me if I had any coupons for some of the things she needed on her list. We looked through the coupons and she selected the ones she needed. Both girls shopped very carefully by checking prices and comparing brands. If they were unsure they would go and scan the item at the kiosk. The words I kept hearing as they shopped was "this is not a necessity" or "that is way too expensive". Those words sounded very familiar to me.

After the first store we headed to the next destination. The first place the girls went to was the clearance racks. You would not believe the excitement a $3 top could stir up in a teenage girl. We took our time and looked around and they picked out a couple items each. We were taking one last look in the Junior's department and Chardie told me that she was feeling bad about spending money. She said that all of her friends that have jobs spend every dime of their paychecks and end up with an empty bank account. Chardie said she was really glad that she does not ever want to drain her account and then she tells me, "I am just like you Bawbi". That really made me very proud. My kids are smart and responsible when it comes to money. This is so important for them to learn before they get out into the real world. This goes to show that even when you think they are not paying attention to what you are doing~ they really are studying your every move.
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Shelly, your girls are financially smarter than many grown folks out there. So awesome!!! They will truly be thanking you later in life and Im sure they are now too).

  2. Like mom like daughters. What a wonderful thing to pass down to them Shelly. They are watching us.

  3. That's awesome! You've done a great job with them.

  4. That is great Shelly! My daughter Jazz(17) is a frugal teen shopper too. She compares prices, asks the stores about what day new clearance items are marked and refuses to pay full price. Her last big score were some $5 boots and $1 shirt from Rue 21 :)


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