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Playing at the park with the family

We all had a great time at the playground today. Dwayne was trying to take a few photos and William did not want to cooperate. Of course if I was a 3 year old surrounded by slides, monkey bars and swings I would not want to stop for photos either!

I love these kids! :)
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. First Photo: Williams' thoughts, I can't believe they stop me from swinging and sliding for this. No other kids have to stop to take photos. I bet that kid in the green shirt took my place in line for the big slide.

    Second Photo: Williams' thoughts: OMG Dad, can we get this over already? Monkey Bars and Swings, Little kid heaven here! HELLO!

  2. Hoping to get out of the house and to the park with Moo this week! Nothing like getting in that quality time with your little ones. They grow so fast right before your eyes.

  3. Good gracious, William's legs look so long in that picture!!!! Don't post a pic of him in a few days, and he looks like a teenager to me (hahaha).

    Yeah, if Chase was at the park he wouldn't want to stop for a photo session either! That one actually came out nice! And the girls look sooo cute (as always)!


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