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I want noooodles!

I don't know about you but when Dwayne and I were first starting out, Ramen noodles were a staple in our kitchen. Money was so tight that I used to find ways to make our packaged noodles into a gourmet meal. I have added everything from chicken wings, shrimp, scallions, cilantro and whatever we had available. We have always kept a few noodle packs on hand for those days when the fridge and pantry are looking bare. Now William has discovered "noooodles" and loves them. It is not unusual for him to request them for breakfast.

Every day right around lunch time William comes up to me with that sweet little face and says "Mommy cook the nooodles?" then he says "pleeeeeeeeease" Of course I say yes and he runs straight to the pantry to grab a pack. He gets so excited, it's the funniest thing. I guess I can't complain. He loves something that is super cheap and we always have it on hand. I still eat them occasionally to remind me how lucky we are to have all that we do. Ramen noodles will remain a pantry staple in the Ismail family kitchen :)
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  1. Gabe calls them string noodles and he loves them too.

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  3. I used to buy and eat them alot. Then I just bought them for my daughter. Now I don't buy any at all. She buys her own and now she lets my grandson have a lil when she eats them.

  4. Okay, our boys would really get along. Chase loves those noodles too!!!! I mean, he REALLY does! I try not to make them too often, because of the sodium content, but I don't mind cooking them for him every now and then, and I agree - it is so cheap, delicious, easy to make, AND it's something he likes and will eat/finish... which is always a challenge for me.

  5. Ramen Noodles will NEVER go out of style!


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