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Mar 2, 2011

WTH? Wednesday

I just had to share one of my latest WTH moments. This happened yesterday as Dwayne and I were walking to the check-out area in Walmart. We see this older Indian couple walking toward us. The wife was looking at something on the aisle but the husband was looking over at us. He was staring with his mouth wide open. I know that look all too well since I have been seeing it for over 20 years. Any time Indian people see me with Dwayne they have a problem with seeing an Indian girl and a black man together. I tell you, I have only felt racism from my own people my whole life. I have always gotten those comments about marrying a black man. How sad!! Oh well, the funny part is just as the man was staring us down Dwayne stared back with that "gangsta" look. How about dude just put his eyes to the ground in shame! Bahahaha!!! I guess he got told!!!!!!!!!!

So what's your WTH moment of the week?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I been reading your blog for awhile and I think this is my first or maybe second comment. I recently married a Kenyan man and let me tell you although I am African American the grief I get from African women is ridiculous. The crazy thing is that they do not know that I understand swahili so when they start talking about me and I call them out it gets ugly very fast.
    It's their issue love is love no matter the color.

  2. Ehhh, folks need to just get over themselves. You all are such a beautiful couple, with beautiful children. They're just haters. (lmaoo @ me using the word "haters." I despite that word, but it just felt so appropriate to use a stupid word to label stupid people).

  3. That's such a shame that they can't see past the color of a person's skin. :(


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