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WTH!? Wednesday

There are so many things lately that have me saying WTH!?

I will kick things off with skinny pants. Not all of us are cut out to wear them. I accept that. Why are boys wears them tighter than girls? Also WTH is up with dudes wearing them with a belt but the waist part is around their thighs? Perhaps I am a bit too antique to appreciate that type of fashion.

The other day I went into the gas station to pay for my purchase and there was an interesting character ahead of me in line. The cashier asks him “how can I help you” and he proceeds with “umm umm umm, gimme a, umm umm umm…” He went through that for an entire minute and ends up buying 2 scratch-off lottery tickets for $5 each and then asks for $5 on pump 8 {blank stare} WTH?!! He was driving an old Chevy with 22’s that were worth more than the actual vehicle. I’m sure the $5 in gas bought him enough to get him 2 miles up the street.

My son. Oh what a chip off the old block. Why oh why does the boy child insist that he needs to kiss me on the lips? No matter how much I have taught him to give kisses on the cheek he insists on the lips. He also has some thing for touching boobies. He gets in so much trouble for doing it so he found a new method. He takes his hand in a cup position and holds it about one inch away from the boobies and smiles. Bad behind! WTH!?

So now it's your turn, please share your WTH moments in the comments...

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I'm not a fan of skinny jeans, they seem ridiculously uncomfortable regardless of who is wearing them.

  2. I really like my skinny jeans :) just sayin' lol
    my WTH moment came last week when I drove 3 1/2 hours to buy a car. We were 16 miles from greensboro and I called to let him know we were running late. He told me it didn't matter because he sold it the day before, after he talked to me and I told him I was coming with cash! WTH! So we spent my middle child's 4th birthday in the car for no reason. Thank you mr inconsiderate landscaper in greensboro.

  3. My WTH for this morning are coworkers who see that you're on the phone but begin talking to you anyway. Then, when I hold up my "one second" finger, you sigh and walk away huffy????? Ugh!

  4. LOL @ William! He just wants to breastfeed. (hiding before Shelly kills me)

  5. my dear sweet man tried to convince me to get skinny jeans a year ago and i had to tell him by definition they aren't made for me. and i've been over the whole 'wear my pants so low you can see all of my drawers' look for a solid decade. it's the only aspect of my man's fashion that i solidly disagree with (even though he insists he wears them low because he's tall with a rather healthy badunkadunk and that's just the way they fit.

    and i've NEVER understood driving with $5 gas in the car! i put $5 in when i have half a tank and i don't want it to fall lower, not when the 'empty' light is flashing and the car's running on fumes. that's just silly.

  6. LMAO! I can just picture Willie giving the sly look, cupping his hands in front of the bewbs. I'm not a fan of skinny jeans. They fit nice inside a pair of boots, but they are hard as hell to get in and out of.

    Dude reminds me of Chris Rock when he said black folks would put rims on ANYTHING - even a toaster! ROFL!

  7. Low wasted jeans. no matter where I shop, they're everywhere and while it might have been okay when i was in my early 20's, it's not anymore.

  8. hahaha!!! I so agree re: the skinny jeans. I mean, admittedly I thought the trend was sort of cute when guys started rocking them (it sure beat the huge, sagging pants!!!) but then when dudes starting trying to sag those i was like what on earth...?!! Look, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Either wear the big pants and sag them (uugh!) or wear the skinny jeans and accept that they arent meant to sag.

    *smh* I guess we will be having this argument with our own boys in about 12 years. LOL!!!!


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