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He's old school and not changing one bit

If you have been an active Momfiles reader then you might know that Dwayne and I are very old school. I however know when to get with the times. For example, these are my ear buds. They are cute, small and can fit in my pocket.

Here is Dwayne's version~ the bulky headphones. He has had them since about 1996. It finally came apart a week ago and he was heartbroken.

He went and bought new headphones. They are HUGE. It is like he specifically needed to seek out the biggest ones he could find. Not only is it enormous but it also has a 50 foot cord attached! WTH!?

You can compare the size of the old ones with his new ones. My husband takes old school to his own ridiculous level. Oh and he likes to listen to his cassette tapes from his boom box with these. He has even tried plugging this thing into his BlackBerry! bahahaha!

I did go and buy him some plain ear buds for his phone so he doesn't look like a fool. Bless his heart, what do I do with him? ;)

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. OMG, Dwayne and my husband must be related! *lol* Hubs has huge headphones just like that. He says that you can't hear the intensity of the music and that you miss some of the instruments on those little ear buds. Too funny!

  2. Exhibit B:

    and C:

    Bad boys club for life!

  3. hahaha!!! at least dwayne is consistent! i love it! :-)

  4. He uses those with his phone? LOL They are much larger than the other ones. Large headphones do feel comfortable (indoors)

  5. Oh yes! I need those headphones!!!!!!!! I can't stand sticking buds in my ears! GROSSSSSSSSSS! I am convinced Dwayne and I were separated at birth!!!

    Sliced cheese and now headphones! LOL

  6. OMG, Vic and Dwayne truly are two of a kind. Vic has a pair of headphones just like that.


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