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Random banana story

A couple weekends ago I was in Walmart during the super stupid busy time on a Saturday evening. Of course I know better but the daughter's needed some things so what's a momma to do? We planned to make banana splits that night together as a family. We bought vanilla ice cream, nuts, strawberries, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream... We get through the check-out line only to realize we forgot something. BANANAS. There was no way I was getting back into a 50 foot long line for a few bananas plus I had ice cream in my cart. I ended up driving home to unload my groceries and decided to go to another store for bananas. It dawned on my that at 7:30 pm you might not find any bananas in the produce section. I then came up with a brilliant idea~ Sonic drive-thru. Yeah, they sell bananas. I know I would be spending a buck for each banana but who cares at this point. I just need 2 of them for tonight. My kids made so much fun of me and said that is was so tacky to order bananas from Sonic. So of course I made them ride with me.
I get in the drive-thru and politely ask if they had any fresh bananas. The fella told me that they sure did. I drove up to pay and then was handed my 2 bananas. The freakin things were damn near frozen! There was no turning back at this point. I brought them home and they tasted fine. Will I buy bananas there again? NO. I told you this was a random banana story! BTW, it was DWAYNE that made the big deal about needing bananas. Just thought I would add that in there :)
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  1. Sad to say, but I buy bananas from them all the time. My kids love them before school. It is pretty costly. I could have bought and planted a gazillion banana trees for what I've paid them over the years!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. LOL!!!! Yes, this post was totally random AND totally hilarious!

    I love that you ended up at Sonic for "fresh" (aka frozen) bananas! Hahaha! I wouldnt have thought that a fast-food joint would carry fruit, but then again it makes sense if they sell sundaes and banana splits and things.

    Love that the family was having a banana split night! So sweet!

    P.S. Loved your comment on my post. I wonder if everyone goes thru a "blog-life crisis" of sorts at some point? LOL!

  3. What do you think? We aint back home in the islands. unless it's warm weather you wont find unfrozen fresh bananas. :)

  4. Would you believe I did not know that they sold bananas. Hmmm I think I am in the mood for a banana split.

  5. Dwayne let you mention Sonic AND Walmart without any "royalties" talk? Is he doing okay? Should we be concerned?

    Nah, but seriously...never knew Sonic sold bananas...and I don't blame you for not getting them elsewhere.


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