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I consider myself to be very adventurous with food, a foodie as some call it. I am willing to try just about anything once (with the exception of rattlesnake or bugs). My food adventure list is extensive especially growing up in a Guyanese home. We ate things that were not considered the norm to our everyday American friends. Quite frankly if people knew the things I have eaten they would have thought twice about our friendship. I was watching a fishing show with Dwayne last night and these crews were fishing in Alaskan waters for herring. The herring were being fished not for the actual fish itself but for what was inside of them~ the roe (egg sacs). They were fishing for export to Japan. The Japanese eat the herring roe in the new year to promote fertility. I got all excited because I remember being a kid and having freshly caught fish that you had to clean yourself and finding those big egg sacs. I used to have to fight my mom over who was going to get to eat it. We generally had it curried or stewed. I have has everything from cow's feet, tail, brain, testicles and more. Are you freaking out right now? hehehe! Like I said, I am very adventurous with food~ I hope we're still friends :D

What about you? What are the most outrageous things you have ever eaten?

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  1. I love food and am fairly adventurous. I guess the most adventurous thing I've eaten is escargot (but I don't really think of it as adventurous).

  2. I am a vegetarian and used to be a vegan for about 5 years. So everytime I eat veggie "meat" or vegan "cheese" people freak out and give me a hard time about it. I hardly consider it outrageous (it's just soy beans, really) but I think to a lot of people it's completely abnormal.

  3. I once ate breakfast at a friend's house in the mid 90s and his grandmother had cooked some rice and some really tasty meat. Afterwards, I asked what it was and he replied, "Mountain Oysters."

    It took me a few years down the line to be combing the meat section of a grocery store and to come across the meat before I realized that I had actually eaten the testicles of a bull.


  4. I haven't really eaten anything too daring or adventurous (yet) but I must admit I've always been curious to try frog legs and caviar! Those are on my foodie "bucket list" to try one day. :-)

  5. We're still friends! LOL My grandma would go fishing and clean the fish but we threw the eggs away. I've had pig feet, liver. NO rabbit! Chitterlings yum yum! But I still think you have me beat!

  6. I'll try anything once. I was always willing to take a food risk, then when I went into event planning and worked inside a catering company? Everything was fair game. I've eaten alligator, frog legs, stewed heart of cow, and lots of other interesting things. I haven't liked all of it, but I'm always willing to at least try.


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