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Jan 16, 2011

Beware of the "Repeater"

I am sure many of you are very familiar with the stage that your little ones went through with repeating everything they hear. I listen to William have imaginary telephone conversations and he starts of with hello and you hear him say numerous times "alright and okay". His most commonly used phrases are "oh gosh", "put on shoes and go to Walmop", "take off jacket", "mommy cook food", "mmm, yummy food". Recently we all went on a family car trip and we were having discussion about music and entertainment. Somehow we started talking about the Chris Brown song called Deuces and then about Gucci Mane. First Brie says "Deuces!" and Dwayne follows up by saying "Gucci!" and little Will decides to say "Guccis!" We all tried so hard not to laugh but we all broke down. We realized from that moment that Will is indeed listening to everything we say and we better watch out! We do not want to corrupt him. I have made it a point to only listen to NPR or one of his cd's in the car while we wait in the carpool line or drive around town.

What is the most outrageous or funniest thing your little one has said from overhearing someone in your family?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Hahahah!!! Yes, it is so true, they repeat EVERYTHING!!! And have a good memory too, so don't let it be something they shouldn't have heard! Right now we're just ultra careful of what we say around Chase (well, DH has to watch his mouth more than me, because I dont ever curse anyway). However, it's funny because Chase says "Oh gosh!" too, all dramatically. Sometimes I say "Shoot!" and when he repeats that, ummm, it sounds kind of bad. So I'm trying to eliminate that from my vocab.

    They are such little sponges, aren't they??!!

  2. Haha! So true! Based on what Yakini said, that makes three of us. My son says "oh gosh" a lot too. He also says, "you have to try" and "you have to be gentle" a lot. So now I try to watch what I say round him because he repeats everything.


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