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Dec 1, 2010

WTH? Wednesday

Ah, it's Wednesday... Where do I start?
  • My 16 year old daughter does not care for meat at all. Even the sight of a steak or pork chop will make her feel sick to her stomach. She won't eat burgers or meatloaf or any red meat related dish. She is my chicken and seafood eater. Why does she LOVE pulled pork? WTH? How does that make sense?
  • When Dwayne and I were shopping on Black Friday we actually heard people complaining about the lines being too long. Really now? It's Black Friday ya dummie!
  • I saw this gorgeous young woman the other day looking over the cosmetics at Kohl's. She was dressed really well, nice hairstyle, the whole nine yards...until....this heffa was trying on the lip gloss sample directly on her lips!!! I could not believe my eyes. WTH? Who does that? Oh yeah, cheap broads with no class.
  • Our big screen TV died on us. Life is not nice without HDTV. I hate that we have to get a new one.
  • I am still not over Dwayne saying that I look like I am trying to steal from the stores.
  • I can't stand when I am Facebooking and Twittering from my smartphone and I accidentally retweet or "like" something bad because my touchscreen is so sensitive. Makes me look like a jerk!
Now it's your turn to share a WTH moment with us in the comments...
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  1. I got a whole lot of WTH!!!!!!But I'll only give one. When my son asks for something, I give it to him, he eats it & then he lies and say he didn't ask for it WTH!

  2. WTH was it 60 degrees when I got to work this morning and it's now 40 as I'm leaving? Seriously??

  3. WTH am I feeling so lazy when it comes to putting up my Christmas tree this year?!! I'm normally sooo excited and wanna put it up the Friday after Thanksgiving. I do feel excited, but feel physically drained and not up to it just yet. I guess a toddler and 4 month old will do that to you. *smh*

    WTH is up with companies thinking bloggers wanna work for free/no compensation during a busy time like the holidays? I know this season is a time for "giving," but i'm not feeling THAT charitable (to be giving away free labor). Ha!


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