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Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. I have been living in the moment with the family being home so the computer has not been a priority. I took Brie to see an orthodontist yesterday for a consultation about getting braces. The doctor said she will have to wear them for 3 years because she has some interesting things going on with her chompers. One thing she has done for years is chew her tongue. How she does that and enjoys it is beyond me but it is her source of comfort since I took the pacifier away from her when she was 3 months old. She also chews when she is excited or concentrating. William is trending to be in the same boat as Brie since he is also a tongue chewer. Well Brie will be getting her braces on Thursday and she is so excited. There will be some oral surgery she will have to get in a few months that will help correct a tooth that is growing where it shouldn't. She will be going through a lot for the next few years but I am so sure it will be worth it when she has the awesome smile she will be so proud of. We are all so happy for her. Oh, they are going to cost a fortune. Seriously we could buy a car with that kind of money. She is worth it though :)

Does anyone have any advice for someone getting braces?
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  1. I loved wearing braces! I had them in high school and felt so cute with them. :-) I actually loved the silver ones, even though by the time I was in high school they'd started to introduce the invisible ones.

    What I didn't enjoy was having to wear a retainer afterward - indefinitely. I wore it every night until I lost it. I must admit, I felt a bit relieved when that happened.

    My advice: she should take lots of pics of with her braces, to look back on and smile, and enjoy!!!!

  2. My only advice will be to get colorful rubber bands! Be sure to listen to all of the advice from your orthodontist and go to all of your appointments and never ever ever LOSE your retainer. ASk me how I know! :-)

    Don't forget to have TONS OF FUN with the braces and know that the time will FLY BY!!! Take photos of the progress. You will be pleasantly surprised on how QUICKLY your smile will improve!



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