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Adopted Ed Review

I received the sweetest book called Adopted Ed by Darren Maddern (illustrated by Erin Fusco) to review. Although I am not adopted nor my children I do know many people who were or have children that were adopted. I really love how simple this book is for younger children to understand. The illustrations are very fun and lively and really help tell the story. It is a heartwarming and encouraging story about overcoming bullies and being proud of who you are.

I really think this is an excellent resource for parents, grandparents, family members and elementary school teachers to read since adoption is so common. The end of the book shows some famous people you might not have known were also adopted.

Darren Maddern is just one of the many millions of adopted people throughout the world today. You can learn more about him here. Please check out Adopted Ed on Facebook and Twitter.

I received a copy of the book from One2One Network for review purposes only.

Shelly, Mom Files

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  1. This is probably one of the most amazing childrens' books I’ve ever read. It tells the simple story of a little boy who’s just like every other kid, except that he’s adopted. When he’s bulled at school, his mom, “in her simple mom way” helps him deal w/ the situation. Everybody – young and old; adopted or not – should read this book, as it teaches us important lessons of tolerance, acceptance and kindness. Bullying seems to have become such a part of our culture, and it needs to be addressed. Children need to feel good about themselves and understand that being different (e.g., the way you look, what you wear, where you come from, etc.) is FINE. This book does just that, and I strongly recommend it to every parent, teacher, coach and child.


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