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A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

There comes a time that we all have to accept the fact that our children are growing up and as parents we must make all the changes to accommodate this growth. We are finally getting rid of all the last "baby" things. The crib is down and his bed is in place. All of the stuff I have been hanging onto (car seat, playpen, etc) will have a new home. I have a friend who is expecting a baby and she is very happy to take these items off my hands.
I guess the only way to do it is to just do it. I am just so thankful that this fella decided to ditch the terrible twos early and he is showing us what a big boy he is.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. What a smooth transition it's been for you all.... I only hope it's the same for us!

    My goodness, William looks like such a big boy in that picture. I really like his hair (the way its styled).

  2. Looks like someone is at the doctor. He's growing up Shelly! Has he been doing well with staying in the toddler bed? We transitioned the beginning or the year & it wasn't so bad at all.

  3. That is awesome that the transition to a big boy bed has been a success. Jaimen was really good with that too. Presley on the other hand, I am dreading that one, I know she is going to be a hard one to get to stay in that bed.

    It is sad when they are growing up, Presley is my last and part of me wants to start potty training and part of me doesn't. We also are not pushing her at all to talk much... these things all mean that she will not be a 'baby' anymore, but they will always be our babies even when they are 30 :)

    William is such a handsome big boy! I cannot believe how grown up he looks.

  4. Hello, Good Article. If you do your very best raising them, then you have no regrets.

  5. Just in time for you to provide for someone who in significant need of your son's baby items.



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