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Nov 15, 2010

Sometimes stupid just comes out

I was at the grocery store this weekend with the kids. I was shopping in the later part of the evening so I was not as familiar with some of the night shift workers. I got in line to pay for my stuff and the cashier was staring at my kids. She then asks me if the girl was my daughter (meaning Briahnna). I told her yes and that all 3 of the kids were mine. She then goes on to say (in front of my kids and other people around) "Oh, I did not think she was your child since her skin is dark and her hair is different". All of our mouths were on the floor and in my head I cussed somethin' nasty. Of course I am a lady and I told her that she was indeed my daughter. The lady then feels like an ass and makes some other comment about hair straightening and I just took my receipt and left. I felt so bad for Brie since she looked like she was confused. How could someone say something so ignorant and stupid and make a kid feel bad? I told the girls that I was really annoyed about what she said and they both told me they too were very annoyed. We spoke about it for a few minutes and had to chalk it up to ignorance and the fact that just because you are blood related to someone does not mean you are supposed to look like them. I think it took me 24 hours to get over it. I just know that people should never assume anything when they see that kids of the same family do not look alike. I have seen families with kids of multiple races and it does not phase me. I just know that I reassured all my children that they are all beautiful and uniquely themselves. There will never be anyone else like them in the world.
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Wow Shelley. This brought tears to my eyes b/c my 11 year old looks like her dad so people are always commenting about my oldest and my youngest who look more like me and I hate it! They're like wow, your son and your little one looks just like you. I'm like okay....and?

    I wish they would keep their comments to themselves! I'm glad you made your kids feel good about themselves b/c that is our job. Keep up the good work! ;)

  2. I have been ask if, I was the nanny for my own kids. LOL my kids are "light skinned so i could never be their mother".the way i see it ignorant people are always live very shelter lives. Fiona

  3. Such idiots! It's amazing how people still don't have a clue that we'll all look different. I'm waiting on someone to say something to my youngest!!!!!!It's gonna take Jesus to keep me from going off.

  4. I am not sure I could have been as calm as you. I hate ignorance. Some people should know when to just keep their mouth shut.

  5. Tears sprang to my eyes when I read this - I feel so angry! What utter ignorance!!!!! She was ignorant for not realizing that families are made up of an array of beautiful colors and features, and doubly ignorant for voicing her stupid thoughts out loud in front of the kids. How did she think that would make Brie feel? Oh, right. She didn't think!

    And if we're getting technical here, I actually think Brie looks a LOT like you. Maybe even more so than Chardie. You and Chardie have the obvious characteristic in common (ie, complexion), but Chardonnay seems to have some of her dad's features (ie, nose) while Brie has many of yours. But sadly, some ppl can't see beyond skin color, so they wouldn't have taken the time to notice that.

  6. Oh, I would be pissed if I had been in your shoes. Brie is a lovely young lady and the ignorance and thoughtlessness that led to that comment was something she never should have been exposed to.

  7. My heart just dropped and broke for my sweet Brie!

  8. ARGH!!!!! In the words of my buddy TravelDiva, sometimes I hate people. It's just that simple. Sorry that your little lady (and you) were hurt.


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