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Who needs toys anyway?

Will and I were going to pick Brie up from school and he stopped and screamed out leaf! leaf! I had trimmed off the old leaves from one of my houseplants and he decided he wanted to keep it as a toy. He picked that over a truck or book. These days his favorite "toys" are leaves, grass, pine needles, flowers and stems. I guess there could be worse things he could play with!
What are some of the oddest things you have seen your kid play with?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Gabe tried to bring in an earthworm he dug up one day.

  2. lol, that is too cute! "Leaf, leaf!" I can just picture that! LOL!!! His face is so serious in that picture -he is really into that leaf! Maybe he'll be a gardener when he grows up... own his own nursery or something. ;-)

    Kids are so simple, aren't they? Its the sweetest little things that make them happy, all the while we are trying to satisfy them with all these grandiose toys and games!

    During the holidays (or any gift giving occasion) Chase usually grows bored with the toy quickly, and is more fascinated with the box and wrapping paper. In general, he loves boxes... pushing them across the floor, putting it on his head, etc.

  3. My son will play with ANYTHING. His favorite oddities are the lanyard to my work badge, empty 35 mm film tubes and empty cardboard paper towel or toilet paper dowels.

  4. He's so content. My child plays with the tops that belong on bowls, hair rollers & anything else that's not a toy.

  5. Interesting. Speaks of your son being quite intelligent and unlimited, I have to believe.

    For some reason my daughters played with strange "toys" like remote controls and beepers and sets of keys, all things which left me amused.

    The dolls and accessories were the hot items though.

  6. Give Ari a box and she is happy as a clam to sit in it. But lately she has taken to playing with these new balls we have called "grapefruit". It's pointless to argue with her that it's a grapefruit and thus FOOD because she insists it's a ball.


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