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I love my husband but....

Dwayne took the day off yesterday so that we could run some very important errands and also attend Briahnna's last volleyball game (details on that later). It is not often that Dwayne is home in the middle of the week so I was looking forward to it. Why did William feel that he should be mischievous ALL day long? Seriously, he is almost a complete angel during the week and he got into every kind of trouble possible. One of those bits of trouble required the use of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I don't get it. My sweet child was a monster yesterday. Dwayne laughed it off and said it was testosterone hanging with testosterone. Well no thank you. Go back to work.
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  1. Haha! While we love our husbands, we like them much better when they are at work!

  2. I think kids sense/know when something is different and a change routine. My husband took the day off one day for errands I had to run, and the kids gave him a run for his money, lol. - It's like they think they deserve a break from routine.

  3. ha!!! yeah, chase definitely shows off a little bit more when dh is around! maybe because he considers him more the "fun parent"? or maybe he's testing the limits with him (since he knows mine!!!)either way, i def. notice a change too.

  4. My kids do the same thing when their dad is off of work. I agree with you "go back to work"!

  5. Go back to work! LOL! Since Greg and I work from home, Jay has been constantly asking for "Daddy". At that time, I am unworthy of serving him, Daddy has to do it. Drives me nuts!


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