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Oct 22, 2010

When watching TV with me...

I have a very simple rule for when Dwayne watches television with me. He is not allowed to watch:
  • reality TV (unless it's a fishing or nature show)
  • comedy of any kind (especially Kathy Griffin or Monique)
  • Tyler Perry films
  • Nancy Grace, Wendy Williams or Geraldo Rivera
  • inappropriate cartoons- Family Guy, South Park
  • No MTV, BET or VH1
  • no gossip or talk shows
I know, I'm so mean and boring :)

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I have five of seven of those rules at my house.

  2. What the heck?? LOL What do you watch then? For the record, I HATE any music video channels. it's all about sex anyway!

  3. LOL What do you watch with him? My hubby & I like to get Netflix DVD's and watch House or ER. We're really into The Event this fall too.

  4. I never spoke them out loud, but I have those same rules! Not all the shows are the same...but all applies. And not just for those who live here...visitors must also comply or get out!

  5. Haha, lucky all of you - DH is a total control freak with the remote, so I have little to no say so. Tsk, tsk! ;-) Good thing we mainly agree on what we like to watch... all except SPORTS, which i hate. Boo!!!

  6. Nowadays, that appears to be all that is on television, it seems. Luckily, there is still news and sports, which are my favorite types of television programs.


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