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Sep 5, 2010

Old things can bring new memories

We have had these pretend food items since the girls were about 2 & 4. They never would let me give these items away. I have been hanging on to them for several years now. I came across them and let William check it out. He instantly grabbed a spoon and the fake spaghetti and went to town with it! He says "Mmm, yummy". We had even more than what you see pictured here in the kitchen sink but they were very girly fru-fru things like a teapot,tea cups and all things pink! Y'all know who I am married to so they had to go!

I love the fact that William can sit for about 30-45 minutes playing and learning about all the basic eating utensils and food items. He even likes to "cook". I guess the girls hung onto these things for a purpose! Watching him play with this stuff also brings back such fond memories of when the girls were little.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Gabe loves our fake food too. He has even used other household objects to make blenders and coffee makers.

  2. Ooooh, what a spread! Chase would go to town with that stuff in his little pretend kitchen we got him. I'm so glad the girls kept all of it for William - good thinking!

    Now don't you throw any of that away if William happens to lose interest.... you can go on and mail it right to NYC! ;-)

  3. LOL! I love when those things come in handy! Especially when they've been passed down. My Hubby is the same way. He wouldn't have it!


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