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WTH? Wednesday

So many things make me say WTH?! First up...Why in life do people think it is okay to call married folks (with kids) house after 10 pm? It is so freakin' inconsiderate and rude. I hate that. Another thing that makes me say WTH is when your "friends" on Facebook go through your friends list and request to be friends with your friends. Childish and stupid. Can you say "Remove from friends"? Another WTH is when newbie bloggers steal from seasoned bloggers. It is tacky and tasteless so stop it. Be original and find your own way. I also don't understand how people steal your little catch-phrases and make it theirs. Once again, be original. Can you tell I'm annoyed? Got anything that has you saying WTH?? Share it in the comments!
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  1. WTH!: When women carry handbags that are tattered (I mean falling APART)! When people get sensitive over FB posts. When people THINK they know you and they only know you from FB. When people comment about my blogs or FB posts via text or IM but NOT on my site or FB wall. WHen people tell me I'm strict (they are MY damn kids! and who asked them anyway? Like I care.)...we could be here all day.

  2. I gotta a lot of them. When people don't like posititive sats on FB and want you to tell all your dirty laudry. WTH. Crazy People WTH . When I @ somebody on Twitter and they don't respond back. When people visit your blog and don't say anything.

  3. Ditto @ calling the home too late (highly inappropriate!!!), newbie bloggers stealing ideas, & also ppl not liking positive stats on FB (or positive posts in general - as though it makes you a flaky/inauthentic person if your posts are generally more "happy" than "complaining/ negative")


    ~ Only segments of your blog available via RSS feed. How annoying..... I actually used to do this (for a BRIEF time). A really tacky way to try and drive more traffic to your blog. *Hated it*

    ~ All the attention this flight attendant is getting with his foolishness - just go ahead and give him his own book/reality show so we can get on with life......

    ~ People making comments, from his birth, about my son's complexion/hair/etc... looking all at his ears and fingernails, comparing him to Chase, etc. Dern ppl, must we be so color/hair struck?!!


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