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Jul 21, 2010

WTH? Wednesday

Hey friends! I am really having a WTH kind of week. I need to ask something and I am really embarrassed and don't know how to ask it. Here it goes.... Is it normal for little boys to umm....well.... hump people? I am so grossed out by how my little William presses his little boy parts all up on people!!! Please, I have never seen this. I want your input on any experience you have had with this. I really need to know that other parents have seen this kind of ickyness.

Are you having a WTH moment? Please share it with me!!

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I never experienced that with my boys...maybe he just gets excited and he just jumps around and that's the way it appears "humping". I can't help but laugh though...I'm imagining his little smile when he's doin it! least HE doesn't know what it looks like he's doing!

  2. hahahhahahah!!!!!!! i love this! sorry for laughing but, you know my thoughts on this. LOLOLOLLLLL

  3. I have read about it, and it is common. You are only grossed out because of what it means to you, it doesn't mean that to toddlers. Jaimen did not do this, but I know other kids his age that did go through that stage. I can't remember what the article I read said about it, but I do remember they said it is normal and not to worry.

  4. LOL, Dwayne hasn't been humping you, has he?

    Jay has mounted a few folks at our playgroup, hahaa! I was so glad that I knew them a while. I would have been so embarrassed if it was on our first day!

  5. I havent experienced this quite yet.... but I'm sure its coming! LOL!!!!!

  6. It's normal. My nephew went through a phase of humping. Now Mari on the other hand was a grabber, he just had to cop a fell of anybody's breasts.

  7. No. I haven't went through this with my son.

  8. My son (18 months) started this about a month ago. I think he just gets so happy and excited over things that he shakes his little body anyway he can. I think it's normal.


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