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It's Monday!! My favorite day of the week. It has me thinking a lot. Before long school will start back and I am already missing my children. Strangely it seems that the summer has been cheaper than when the girls are in school. I have spent less on food. Can you believe that? I guess with things being so laid back, there was no real need for a whole lot of extras. During the school year I buy breakfast items, snack stuff for before they go to lunch, lunchbox items, volleyball practice drinks and snacks and everything in between. I will have a lit of adjusting to do! Both girls have volleyball tryouts in the upcoming weeks. I have been scheduling a bunch of doctor and dental appointments so we can get the bulk of that stuff taken care of while they are off from school.

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Other than those few things I hope everyone has a really great start to their week!

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  1. I can't believe it is almost August.

  2. I am already going out to look for a few things for back to school next week.

    I also am getting the doctor appointments and dentist out of the way next month.

    It's so sad sometimes how time flies.

  3. wow dont remind me. i see how stores already have back to school supplies out and im like 'hold on playas! we still got time!'.

  4. Yaaaay!!!! @ those savings.
    I know what u mean... As much as I value the time I have to myself to actually get things done, I cant help but miss Chase so much when he's at school.

  5. I purposely try not to spend much this time of year on food because my sonn will eat it all. Making sure we have more fruit helps his munchies. Doctor visit are coming up to my daughter is getting ready for vollyeball season too.


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