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Jul 14, 2010

WTH? Wednesday

Almost daily there is something that stands out and makes me say WTH??? This would be the winner of the week and that is a Chucky doll sticking out of the back window. Not something you see (or want to see) everyday! Seriously...What the hell??

Another WTH? moment was with my mail carrier. She is nosey as hell. Why does she tell me about my mail? She assumes she knows what my letter is about and tells me what steps to take. Umm, it is not even all that lady. Then she gives me this crazy look if I have too many freebies that can't all fit in the box and she is forced to come to my door. Oh and she called my sweet little dog Milo a "monster" and she says she does not like him. I am still so nice to her even though she is always trippin' about something!!

So what was your WTH? moment of the week?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. that the actual driver of the car. He looks to short to see over the steering wheel.

    My WTH? moment is: ignorant coworkers who fail to do their jobs.

  2. One question... was this picture taken outside of Walmart? If so that is quite suitable for the situation. You know?

    My WTH moment is when I had 2 1/2 days off the end of last week because my work computer broke. Monday morning wake up ready to go back to work and my DS is sick with a tummy ache and fever. What the hell, couldn't he have been sick last week?? Just kidding, poor kid anyways.
    They always seem to get sick when I cannot afford to take the time off work, good thing I work for family huh?

    Oh and your very observant, I probably wouldn't have even noticed that guy enough to take a picture :)
    Tell that mail carrier to bug off, it's None-ya!

  3. LOL!!! Im still baffled over the Chucky doll sticking out the window. I'm saying WTH myself.

    What a nosy and intrusive lady!

    Hmmmm, I think my WTH moment was cleaning the living room super thoroughly this past Sunday, and DH already has 4 pairs of shoes (2 dress shoes and 2 pairs of sneakers) accumulated on the floor that I refuse to touch. Its like my hard work was all in vain, so this time (on principle alone) I'm on strike.

  4. I've seen this guy around town and wondered the same thing... there ought to be a law...


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